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We at Ette + Harr have enjoyed years of celebrating men’s formal styles of clothing, and consider that effort in dressing up should be upheld and exercised with a sense of pride.

Whether your style is classic or modern, restrained or flamboyant, formal or street, we recognise that at some point, your social calendar will have an event that’s important to you — an event that deserves your full attention. What you wear ultimately complements who you are and makes an impression before you even speak.

With the myriad of styles at large today, we honour the timelessness of the past and also embrace the modernity of the here and now.

Our designs are fresh and unique in-house creations that offer abundant colour: we believe that colour should be celebrated, not limited to the easily predictable. Ette + Harr promote bravado and individuality, that colour helps to realise and deliver.

We have worn men’s clothing accessories for years. We proudly sported the pocket square throughout years of diminished popularity among many gentlemen and throughout its current renaissance. We appreciate that many folds can be created, but feel that most widely available products today generally achieve the same look. Our designs are different. Many of our pocket squares are intentionally designed and arranged either symmetrically or asymmetrically specifically to enable the wearer to use different folds to produce completely different looks. You might apply the 9-to-5 presidential fold during working hours, for example, and transform the same square into a livelier three-point for your following soirée.

Our matching scarves complement a selection of our pocket squares so you can coordinate and amplify the look that you want to create.

We trust that our offerings will give you as much lasting pleasure as we have derived in their making.

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