Brightening the winter backdrop

If you are in search of the epitome of style for the modern gentleman, well here it is.

The early winter months will demand that you wrap up with layers but you should avoid looking as dull as the weather.

Touches of colour add interest to your outerwear, and our scarves and pocket-squares are very classy accessories just like wool-lined leather gloves and a brimmed hat, as appropriate attire for the season.

Featured scarf is Stellar Implosion (Radiance), and featured pocket-square is Maeutic Matrix (Processing). Our double-ply 100% pure silk scarves adapt to your body’s temperature and surprisingly effectively insulate with the added advantage of not adding bulk below your chin or around your neck, keeping you warm, comfortable and of course elegant.

Once worn, it is impossible to imagine ever wearing your outerwear again without them.

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