Have you thought about accessories?

Seldom remembered or thought about as men’s accessories beyond their functionality are belts and braces, but these together with ties, cravats, socks, scarves, gloves, cuff-links, tie-pins and even brooches can be carefully selected to really complement, accentuate or contrast and lift the visual pleasure of any shirt, suit, jacket, trousers, waistcoat and overcoat.

And there’s the pocket-square.  This unique design of ours is Good To Go (Steady).  This unassuming item will likely last you a lifetime, and could even become an heirloom.  It experiences wear with no tear being untroubled in your pocket, can be displayed with flamboyance or restraint, and will set you apart from the nondescript.

In whichever way you orchestrate your personal styling, accessories can immediately communicate without words but through design and colour what it is that makes you you.

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