Summer nights, and travelling light

Of course when the summer is here, everyone likes to travel light during the season whether walking, driving or being driven to places.  The early-summer and late-summer nights occasionally have a little nip in the air, and being sartorially prepared for that need not be a conundrum.  One of our silk scarves can easily be carried neatly folded in your pocket and worn with style and comfort when the need arises, of course to complement the lightweight fabrics of your suits, trousers and jackets.

When without outerwear, accessorising is much easier, and the simple touches of a pocket-square and a scarf perfect the look from the time of your arrival, and at the time of your departure.

Our accessories cover every taste from the understated to the vociferous, and with every hue to enable matching or contrasting or mixing to be accomplished with the ease of your keen eye.

Featured are our Stellar Implosion (Umbra) pairing:  whilst same pairing of pocket-square and scarf (or neck-tie) is not to everyone’s taste, we’ve made it the look here so that the energy of the caramel coloured suit is perfectly restrained without confusion or fuss.  Altogether an exemplary styling.








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