Wrapping up in sartorial style

Undoubtedly you are applying the layers of outerwear at this time of year as the occasional mildness is exchanged for crisper and harsher days and nights.  Wrapping up need not mean that you abandon the need to appear at your sartorial best, and it is the simple touches of accessories that make a supreme difference to not only the way that you look, but also the way that you feel.

If you’re savvy, your selected overcoat has an outer breast pocket perfect for perching your pocket-square, and the neck-line of your coat has high and low buttons to enable you to wear a scarf either wrapped snuggly or confidently draped.

Our scarves are double-ply 100% pure silk that adapt to the warmth of your body, and avoid any bulkiness around your neck to altogether give you a graceful and relaxed appearance.





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