Ette + Harr aims to encourage bravado and individuality. We believe men should feel more confident in expressing their personality and what makes them unique.

We believe that the way men dress should be a true reflection of their identity and individuality. In this way, we consider accessories to be a source of pride – a personal statement that reveals character and individuality. We exist to help men make this personal statement.

We pride ourselves on an uncompromising commitment to quality. Each design of ours is an original that is created in-house by our own artists, and is crafted meticulously with careful contemplation of colour, density, and pattern. Each of our designs is internationally registered and protected. Our fabric is carefully sourced 100% pure silk.

Every product from inception through to finishing remains in England, making ours a truly and genuine all-British brand, whilst minimising our carbon footprint through corporate social responsibility.

To define us, Ette & Harr produce unique men’s styling accessories that champion the dedication to artisanal craft and that encourage bravado. By combining thoughtful designs with high-quality fabrics, each of our creations gives classic elegance a refreshed, contemporary and edgy appeal.

Ette + Harr Charity

For every sale, we are proudly donating £1 to Mind, Ette + Harr’s selected charity of 2020/21.

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